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Ideal of hope
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women of the dcu → Faora Ul (Man of Steel)

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"My nephew Thomas was so super excited, he one day ran to school- now keep in mind, Thomas has a great reputation for telling stories and just making up stuff to the teacher." (x)

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Anonymous whispered: what did you think about Man of Steel?

I didn’t have any big expectations when I went to cinema but after I saw it…
I was overwhelmed, it was awesome and day after I made this blog. (And I don’t have any active sideblog like this, I just want to reblog everything on my main blog, but after seeing it I had this urging feeling that I have to dedicate a blog for it)

I like how realistic they tried to make it (I know that a movie about allien with superpowers isn’t very realistic at all, but hope you know how I mean it). I like that romantic subplot wasn’t very important in this story and I like that it didn’t try to be funny. (don’t get me wrong, I love comedies, but I like when a superhero movies are more serious) 

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Why does anybody even live in Gotham

Because Batman is hot.

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make me choose: osbrien asked: batman or iron man

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“Time to go mobile.”

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