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Ideal of hope
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You just have to decide what kind of man you wanna grow up to be, Clark.

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Henry Cavill with Man of Steel fight choreographer Ryan Watson

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↳ “[Lois Lane] just has this absolute loyalty for what is good and right and just, and it parallels what Superman is and what he embodies.”

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Superman Henry Cavill gives interview Alicia Malone a hug, June 2013.

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requested by anonymous

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How come when Batman sits in front of a computer for 8 hours at a time he’s “crime-fighting” but when I do it I’m “lazy”

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I think it’s cute that we’re finishing each other’s sentences now.

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Man of Steel Behind of Scenes → “Fishing Village Scene”

"It was a shot that we knew was gonna be very important to sort of establish the physique of Superman. And Henry knew, we had all planned on that moment, as well as the oil rig but this moment in particular, we really wanted to show that what you see with the Man of Steel is what you get. And Henry had a— Was on a reduced calorie diet. He had been training down to that moment super hard" - Zack Synder

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